Step 1: Call Your Members of Congress

Use the legislative lookup tool to the right to find the phone numbers for your senators and representative.

Recommended Community Catalyst Call Script:

Good [morning/afternoon]. My name is [NAME] and I live in [CITY/TOWN], [STATE].

I'm calling today to ask you to support the bipartisan Senate Farm Bill and to oppose any changes to the bill that would cut or harm the SNAP program.

SNAP provides critical nutritional support to 40 million people and about 25% of the nation’s children. The provisions in the bipartisan Senate bill will protect and strengthen the program, whereas the House version would make devastating cuts.

[OPTIONAL BUT HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Talk about a personal experience you have had with SNAP or food insecurity]

Please vote in support of the bipartisan Senate Farm Bill and against any changes to the SNAP provisions.

Thank you.

Step 2: Email Your Elected Officials